Especially when it comes to fabrics it can be of advantage to have seen, felt or tested them before
fashioning. A sample can help you make the right choice. Here at The Tulle Factory GmbH you have
three possibilities to get samples of our tulle qualities:

In our online shop you can acquire sample sets. There you can find sets with all the colors available of
a certain tulle quality or for instance our wedding set with all our tulle fabrics in the classic wedding
colors from snow white to champagne.

Our newest offer is the special set: here you can assemble a sample set according to your personal
wishes. The sets are staggered from up to 10 or 20 samples. You just place your order online and then call or write us regarding your wishes. As always, your order will be sent off the next day.
All sample set options can be found here.

In addition we also offer you the possibility to acquire up to three samples for free. We kindly ask you to send us an envelope stamped with 0,80 € and your address on it. This option can only be provided within Germany.

Excluded are all fabrics from the Haute Couture Collections and all articles from Sparkling Tulle Multi-Color. 

Attention: Please take in mind that not all sample are of the same size. The smallest ones are about 5 x 8 cm (for the silk and lace tulle) – usually the samples are big enough to be folded several times.

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call us (Tel.: 04323 – 803430) or write us
via the contact form.